Greatway UK

Greatway UK

Greatway have taken their dream of teaching English to a new level by opening the door permanently to England. This has given our students an invaluable opportunity to broaden their horizons.


Greatway Education are now agents with more than 20 outstanding boarding schools, colleges and educational services across the UK. Additionally, we are fully registered with The British Boarding School Network. So far to date we have placed over 20 students across a mix of Boarding Schools, Colleges and Universities. All our students come from Mainland China.


Greatway is proud to not only be agents for the students and Schools but we take a hands on approach. All of our clients are personally known to us through our language Schools in China so there is trust built up beforehand. As we are based here in the UK we usually take on the role of official guardian for the students, and liaise with the school and parents on all important matters relating to the school life. We are able to provide accomodation to students during half term time and/or exeat weekends due to our strong relationships with many other guardianship services.

Summer Camps

We work with a number of summer school providers who offer numerous resources, whether it be classroom settings, drama, music, dance, sport, or culture studies. All this plus frequent trips to cities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Windsor, and London.

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